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Afternoon tea

Oyster oil apricot mushroom and abalone mushroom

Food Material List 1 Pleurotus eryngii Operational steps 1 Cut Pleurotus eryngii into hob pieces. 2 Green pepper, red pepper and yellow pepper are cut into slices, garlic is cut into garlic powder. 3 Put oil in the pan and stir-fry garlic in the pan. 4 After fried garlic, stir-fry the cut apricot and abalone …

staple food

Cold-mixed lettuce shreds

Food Material List 1 Lettuce 1 roots 2 Color pepper Half Operational steps 1 The lettuce is peeled and cut into shredded water. The color pepper is washed and cut into shreds. With the good lettuce shreds, add proper salt, vinegar and sesame oil to mix and eat. Tips Another method is that lettuce is …

Huaiyang cuisine

Made of Failed Rolls-Shanzhai Pimple Soup

Originally, I wanted to make chicken rolls, but when I made the crust, I rolled it too thick and too dry. When I fried it, it turned into a hard and thick pancake. It was impossible to make the pancake. I could not chew and chew it, and I was so sorry for the working …


Fried chicken with asparagus

Food Material List 1 fresh asparagus A handful 2 Boneless chicken leg A block Operational steps 1 Rinse the boneless chicken leg meat, drain the water and cut it into slices. Put in wine, sauce and white pepper, stir and marinate evenly for a moment. 2 Wash the asparagus after removing the old roots, put …

French cuisine

Radish and Cucumber Kiwifruit Juice

Food Material List 1 cucumber One root 2 Kiwifruit One 3 Ternip A small section Operational steps 1 Wash the ingredients and peel the radish and kiwifruit. 2 The ingredients can be cut into strips which can be put into the saucer in order. Tips


Fried peanuts

Simple dishes, can be derived from many dishes, or a lot of dishes will use it, such as salad vegetables, nuts, spinach, salted chicken sour and hot powder, vinegar and peanuts, etc. Food Material List 1 Peanut Half Jin Operational steps 1 Wash peanuts with clean water, remove impurities and control dry water. 2 The …


Crispy Shrimp with Lentinus edodes and Beans

Snow vegetable crispy bean paste is a traditional southern dish. It has been circulated in Jiangsu and Zhejiang for hundreds of years. People use the natural taste and fragrance of pickled vegetable to stir-fry together. It is basically perfect with Jinhua Ham Velvet. But I always feel that it can be used as sauce to …

French cuisine

Purple Potato Milk

The color is so beautiful that I cant help wondering. The milk brand in my hometown is called Tianyou. Red milk, black milk and purple milk cant be bought here. Ill make them myself. Purple rice could have been added, but purple rice is not easy to cook, so this drink is very suitable for …

Afternoon tea

Brittle bean curd with pepper and salt

Food Material List 1 beancurd cube 300g 2 Salt and pepper Appropriate amount 3 Soy sauce Appropriate amount 4 oil 100g 5 Chopped green onion Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 In a hot oil pan, fry tofu in a pan until golden on both sides is served. 2 Finally, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add …