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Warm broccoli

Food Material List 1 Broccoli Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Pick broccoli into small flowers and wash them 2 Add a little oil and salt to the pot, cook broccoli and put it on a plate. Mix the garlic slices with a little sauce. Tips

French cuisine

Fried noodles with shredded meat for breakfast

Write a general introduction to the dish or the story behind it… Food Material List 1 Alkali noodles Appropriate amount 2 Carrot One root 3 green pepper Appropriate amount 4 Tongji pork Appropriate amount 5 Shredded onion and ginger Few Operational steps 1 Cut pork into thin slices, add a little salt, grab cornstarch and …

Italy cuisine

Autumn Pear Ointment for Runfei Drinks

Food Material List 1 Pear One 2 Red dates 3 ginger A small piece Operational steps 1 Peel the pear, put the wiping board on the soup pot and wipe out the pear juice. 2 Ginger peeled and rubbed into filaments, red dates washed and nucleated 3 Boil jujube, sugar, ginger and pear on high …


Miscellaneous fried rice

Food Material List 1 Steamed Rice 2 Green soya beans 3 Bean sprouts 4 Tomatoes Operational steps 1 Cook green beans and bean sprouts in clear water 2 Stir-fry diced tomatoes in a pan 3 Stir-fry all the ingredients for a few times. Tips

French cuisine

Cinnamon Apple Cake

OK Actually, when I do this, I want to eliminate the two apples I added!!!! By the way, try the cinnamon powder prescription I bought, referring to others and improving it by myself! Food Material List 1 Cream cheese 200g 2 butter 100g 3 Low powder 150g 4 Apple 150g 5 White granulated sugar 80g …


Tofu with Preserved Eggs

Food Material List 1 Preserved egg 2 Lactone tofu Operational steps 1 Lactone tofu scalded in hot water for a slice pendulum 2 Cut preserved eggs and put them on tofu 3 Salt, sugar and June fresh soy sauce are mixed into sauce and cut ginger rice is added. 4 Stir-fry the chilli oil into …

Northeast Cuisine

Cocoa Banana Milkshake

Food Material List 1 milk 12-1 cups 2 Vanilla ice cream 1 cups 3 Bananas (ripe) 1 roots Operational steps 1 When all the ingredients are put into the electric mixer, two cups of cocoa banana milk will be ready. If there is rip cream, squeezing into the cup will taste good. Tips The working …

a dish that goes with liquor

Purple cabbage mixed with tofu shreds

Food Material List 1 White Jade Tofu Shredded 2 Purple cabbage 3 Red and yellow pepper Operational steps 1 Wash and cut purple cabbage and red and yellow peppers, and place them in a container with tofu shreds. 2 Add rice vinegar, sugar, salt, soy sauce and sesame oil and mix well. Place on a …


Soft French bread

Food Material List 1 High gluten powder 500g 2 Berry sugar 30g 3 Fresh milk 310G 4 Baking powder 6g 5 Fresh cream 60g 6 salt 3G Operational steps 1 Pour the milk into a microwave bowl and heat it over high heat for 1 minute 30 seconds. Remove and put at room temperature. Stir …


Garlic and Spinach

Food Material List 1 Spinach 1000g Operational steps 1 Disconnect the spinach in the wash, chop the onions and garlic into pieces, and set aside. 2 Stir-fry scallions and spinach in a hot pan, then add a little salt chicken essence to stir-fry. 3 Put the garlic powder into the pot, stir-fry the garlic fragrance, …