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Creative dishes

Lycium barbarum rib Taro Soup

This is a very common dish in Jiangnan, especially in autumn and winter. Taro with spareribs, not only tastes good, but also can strengthen muscles and bones. Paigu soup, stewed with taro, is smooth and tasty, quite nourishing. Taro has many effects, tonifying the mid-qi, benefiting the liver and kidney, and in autumn, the soup …


Oat brown rice porridge

Food Material List 1 Raw oats Half bowl 2 brown rice Half bowl Operational steps 1 Rinse brown rice oats and boil over high water. Turn to low heat and boil for 40 minutes. Tips


Fruit-flavored yam

Food Material List 1 Chinese yam Operational steps 1 Steaming Chinese yam with water barrier 2 Cooling, peeling and slicing 3 Rinse away the water from Hezhen and put in yam. Put it in the refrigerator one night and take it out the next day. Tips Hezhen is a little less dark and tastes good.


Milk QQ Sugar Pudding

Used to use online methods failed! Helplessly, continue to search on the Internet, only to find this. Food Material List 1 milk 240ml 2 QQ sweet 2 bags 3 White granulated sugar Appropriate amount 4 Yolk 2 Operational steps 1 QQ sugar is poured into a small bowl, heated in a microwave oven for one …


Fruit string

Food Material List 1 Cherry Tomatoes 2 Apple 3 Pear 4 Yellow lemon Operational steps 1 First, cut all kinds of fruits into mahjong size, peel and slice lemon. 2 Lemon slices are dipped in sugar, whipped with light butter and fresh lemon juice. 3 String all the fruits together. Put a piece of sugar-coated …


Egg-free and milk-free sesame biscuits

My father was afraid of his diabetes, and basically refused to eat sweets. This biscuit is more suitable for him, but without butter, the taste is really not good. Food Material List 1 Low-gluten flour 100g 2 Canola oil 30g 3 xylitol 30g 4 Semen Sesami nigrum 8g 5 salt Few 6 water Appropriate amount …

French cuisine

Big cocks wear flowery clothes

Food Material List 1 Egg Cake 2 Sword bean Operational steps 1 Egg cake is cut into a big cock body, topped with tomato sauce, purple cabbage cut into tail and crown, ham slices cut into flower and mouth, egg cake edge cut into limbs. 2 Cut into flower-shaped (cut with flower-shaped mold) ham and …


Tyrannosaurus Rex stewed keel

Food Material List 1 keel Operational steps 1 When the keel is bought, the merchant chops it into blocks, flies the water to remove the blood foam, and picks up the reserve; a small handful of Tyrannosae washes it clean and reserve. 2 Bring enough clean water to boil, put ginger pat loose in the …


Stewed eggs with fresh milk

Making Caramel stewed eggs together with caramel stewed eggs ~Making Caramel stewed eggs with two white eggs left, I dont know how to deal with it, so I made this one!! Is it very clever to pinch it?~ Food Material List 1 milk Appropriate amount 2 egg white 2 3 Granulated sugar Appropriate amount Operational …


Blood-nourishing Beauty-Boiled Eggs with Red Jujube

Food Material List 1 Fresh eggs 3 2 Red dates 50 grains Operational steps 1 First, wash the jujube and eggs (in whole) with clear water, and remove the core of the jujube. 2 Five bowls of water were used to boil the eggs and jujubes together in a fire. Two slices of ginger and …