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Cheese and fruit Chowder

In recent days, the south of the Yangtze River has been covered by fog and haze, and the air is dirty. It seems that we have seldom encountered such polluted weather before. Many people obviously feel that their breathing is not smooth, their chest is stuffy and their mood is affected. Fortunately, the cold air …

Cold Dishes

Garlic, fragrant and soybean sauce powder

This season, a tender, smooth and refreshing powder can relieve heat and thirst. It can also be used as an appetizer as an accompanying cold dish. I remember when I first made the cold powder in college, I didnt remember what starch I used at that time, but when I failed, I remembered that the …


Hot and sour lotus root

Quick Food Food Material List 1 Lotus root 1 quarter 2 Vinegar Appropriate amount 3 Little Red Pepper Appropriate amount 4 Chili pepper Appropriate amount 5 Garlic Appropriate amount 6 ginger Appropriate amount 7 Scallion Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Remove both ends of lotus root, wash and peel 2 Cut the lotus root into …


Brassica napus with mushroom cover

First, she did it to Mengs father and mother at her daughter-in-laws house, and then she did it again when she was working with her daughter-in-law. Fragrant, refreshing and completely non-greasy. Easy to operate and install. Food Material List 1 Rape 250g 2 Mushrooms 50g 3 Pleurotus eryngii 50g 4 Seafood mushroom 50g Operational steps …


Yogurt salad

Food Material List 1 Cucumber 1 / 3 2 Apple 1 3 tomato 1 4 Litchi 5 pieces 5 Cabbage Several tablets Operational steps 1 Wash everything 2 Cut apples into small pieces and let them soak in salt water to prevent oxidation and yellowing. Cut tomatoes into small pieces and peel litchi petals. 3 …


Cucumber diced with cowpea segments

Half of the cucumber soup was boiled last night, and half of the remaining cucumber had to be salted this morning. Food Material List 1 cucumber Half root 2 cowpea Ten roots 3 Pepper Half root Operational steps 1 Wash cowpeas and cucumbers, cut cowpeas into small segments, cook them in boiling water and drain …


Celery mixed with soybeans

Food Material List 1 Parsley Appropriate amount 2 soybean Appropriate amount 3 salt Few 4 Sugar Few 5 Sesame oil Few Operational steps 1 Wash the parsley, cut it into sections, and simmer the cool water. 2 Wash soybeans, soak overnight, boil water for 5 to 6 minutes, remove cool water 3 Celery, soybeans, salt, …


Stir-fried pea tips with garlic

Food Material List 1 Peas Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash the pea tips and leak out the water?? 2 Put in oil and burn well. 3 Stir-fry garlic 4 Pea tip, salt and sugar wonderful 5 rise Tips


Salted bitter Chrysanthemum

This is the easiest and most convenient dish when you are too lazy to cook. C Food Material List 1 Chrysanthemum Operational steps 1 Wash the bitter chrysanthemum and put it aside to dry. 2 Fire, boil, heat oil, stir-fry hot chili pepper, and finally pour soy sauce and vinegar according to personal taste until …