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Night snack

Light Egg Stewed with Mandarin Fish

It seems that I have never seen any fishermen catch eels. Sometimes one or two of them are rare in net fishing. Making eels in the countryside seems to have no special treatment other than steaming. Occasionally, carrots are cooked in red, while Dad will leave the eel meat to me. Cooked eels use chopsticks. …

Night snack

Brazilian Barbecue

The style of Brazil is so charming. Food Material List 1 Churrasco 2 Fresh crisp pepper 3 Sesame Operational steps 1 Cut the roast meat into 0.2 cm thick slices and put vegetable oil in the pan. 2 Cook over high heat until sixty percent, add roast meat, fry until golden brown, and remove the …

Night snack

Taiji eel — top chef entries

By Yang Xi Food Material List 1 Ricefield eel 200g 2 Water bamboo 100g 3 Celery 100g 4 green pepper One 5 Egg One Operational steps 1 Remove the head of eel, open the mouth, wash the viscera, and cut the white stubble and celery into dices. 2 Washed eel is cut into small sections. …

a dish that goes with liquor

Crispy Treasure Fruit Tower

Food Material List 1 Crisp treasure 1 Operational steps 1 Rinse and cut Crispy Treasure with a knife. Cut out the shape of melon body. 2 The crisp treasure was dug out, and the red and yellow saints were cut and put into the fruit body. 3 Eat in a simple dish shape! Tips

Night snack

Seafood cantaloupe cup

Food Material List 1 Muskmelon 2 Snake fruit 3 Shrimp meat 4 Scallop 5 Crab Stick 6 Broccoli 7 Carrot Operational steps 1 Peel the cantaloupe, remove the top pedicle, remove the middle seed from the opening, empty the inside and make it a container. 2 Snake fruit peeled, cut V-shaped flower knife, placed around …

Night snack

Coconut Island Wind Fruit Plate

Food Material List 1 Kiwifruit 1 2 Banana Half root 3 Little orange One and a half Operational steps 1 Peel and half-cut kiwifruit, then slice it. 2 Cut half a banana into small sections and set the coconut tree on a plate. 3 Peel small oranges or cut orange slices to create a beach …

Night snack

Rose taro — Top Chef entries

By Tang Lu Food Material List 1 Taro Operational steps 1 Taro slices are boiled and ground into mud. Sweet cheese is added. Taro balls are kneaded evenly. 2 Pour a small amount of oil into the pan and cook it in seven parts. 3 Fried peanuts, slightly ground into peanut granules with Jiuyang mill, …

Night snack

Braised Lentinus edodes

This Red-fried mushroom is made from home-made materials. It can also improve immune function of the body and promote the production of T lymphocyte. It can eliminate hydrogen peroxide in the body and delay aging. It can also play the role of strengthening stomach and qi, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and blood lipid, and …

Night snack

This dish is called Wonderful Cuttlefish Ball.

This dish takes a little time besides cuttlefish gum, other things are relatively simple, and wrapping fried potato shreds with wonderful sauce is also the highlight of this dish. If you feel that fried potato shreds are troublesome at home, just crush the potato chips, the taste and effect are better than this. Food Material …

Night snack

Chicken Embracing the Sun

To be honest, at first I wanted to get an oven and a broken wall machine to dry my breakfast. Slowly, I became fascinated with cooking, and my husband supported me. I was totally a rookie, and almost all of my husbands used to cook. Have confidence, I will continue to refuel fighting! ~ Because …