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Cucumber with garlic paste

Food Material List 1 cucumber Two roots Operational steps 1 Wash the cucumber and break it with a knife before cutting it into small pieces. 2 Cucumbers are put into a plate and garlic mashed is added. 3 Add the accessories to the plate and stir evenly. Tips If you like perfume oil, you can …

Night snack

Baked Tomatoes with Garlic Flavor

Food Material List 1 tomato Two 2 Garlic clove 4-5 grains Operational steps 1 Chop garlic cloves, chop coriander, add black pepper, salt, corn oil and mix well. 2 Spread it over half of the tomatoes. 3 Preheat the oven 200 degrees and bake until the coriander discoloration, about 10 minutes. Tips


Mashed garlic and lettuce

See others make a lot of this dish. I also ate a lot in the restaurant. But what I did today is a little different. But the taste is definitely better than anything else. Its crisp and refreshing. You can try it on ____________. Food Material List 1 Lettuce Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Wash …


Garlic puree, red oil and white meat

Food Material List 1 Streaky pork 400g Operational steps 1 Rinse pork with ginger, pepper and cold water and cook it in a pot. 2 When boiling meat, the boiling water will be poured over and cooled. When the meat is cooked, it will be picked up and put in a cool white boiling water …


Garlic Asparagus

There are not many asparagus eaten in the northeast, but the taste is really sweet, too light is not suitable for the Northeast babies, so… Hey hey, stir-fried asparagus with garlic sauce. Food Material List 1 asparagus 250g 2 garlic Half head 3 Chicken essence Appropriate amount 4 Seafood soy sauce Appropriate amount 5 salt …

a dish that goes with liquor

Cucumber With Garlic

Mother grows cucumbers and pure green vegetables in our yard. Its a simple dish. If you cant cook, you can do it at a glance. Food Material List 1 cucumber 2 roots 2 Garlic 4 valves Operational steps 1 Wash and slice the cucumber for later use. 2 Mash garlic into mashed garlic. 3 Pour …


Shrimp with garlic

Pan Pan loves to buy prawns from the vegetable market, and Ma Ma is washed once and then exploded directly with ginger. I feel a little careless and leafy to catch up, so I resolutely took the task of prawn cooking, and my sense of mission improved instantly. Food Material List 1 Prawns 12 Operational …

French cuisine

Garlic bread

The garlic bread sold outside is too oily!!! Food Material List 1 Baguette 2 garlic 3 butter Operational steps 1 Cut the stick obliquely and coat it with butter. 2 Make garlic and chop green onions. Mix well and spread on butter. 3 The oven is heated up and down, and then baked for about …


Garlic broccoli

Food Material List 1 Broccoli 1 flower 2 garlic 1 pieces Operational steps 1 Broccoli broken into small pieces, garlic smashed with a knife, spare 2 Pour proper amount of water into the pot, bring to a boil over high heat, and cook broccoli for three minutes. 3 Boiled broccoli is washed in super-cold water …