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Fried broccoli with shrimps

Food Material List 1 Broccoli 1 pieces 2 Shrimp meat 100g 3 Carrot 1 pieces 4 salt Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Carrot sliced broccoli over shrimps to shrimp line 2 Fried shrimps first 3 Add carrots 4 Stir-fry with broccoli and add salt 5 Its out of the pot. Tips


Stir-fried squid whiskers with medium blue

Food Material List 1 Cabbage mustard 500g 2 Tentacles of squid 2 3 Garlic 3 grains 4 ginger Several tablets 5 soy sauce Appropriate amount 6 Oyster Sauce Appropriate amount 7 Cooking wine Appropriate amount Operational steps 1 Pour some oil into the pan and stir-fry ginger slices and garlic slices. 2 Stir-fry squid whiskers …


Stir-fried clams with hot sauce

Boys love to eat beer and vegetables together, clams are not expensive, so it is very convenient to make them. Food Material List 1 Venerupis philippinarum A Jin Operational steps 1 Wash clams clean 2 List of ingredients 3 Oil pan, sauce, aroma, smell ginger and onion, pour into clams 4 Stir-fry for half a …


Ginger, onion and clam

Food Material List 1 Venerupis philippinarum 500g Operational steps 1 The clams were fed with water for an hour, and then the sand was spit out and washed with cold water. 2 Boil most of the pot water in a pan, and boil the water into clams until they open. 3 Rinse with cold water, …


Fish miscellaneous [old dried mother spicy fish seed]

# Household dishes # Food Material List 1 Fish seed 200g 2 Old Godmother 1 scoops 3 Dry pepper 5 4 Pepper 20 pieces 5 Shallot 3 roots 6 Soy sauce Appropriate amount 7 Cooking wine 50g Operational steps 1 Prepare materials and fish seeds. Chili peppers can be kept open, but I think it …


Happy Shrimp

Food Material List 1 shrimp 200g 2 Corn 150g 3 Garden radish Appropriate amount 4 Egg One Operational steps 1 The shrimp peels off the shell, picks out the gut, and cleans it. 2 Put an egg in the bowl and break it up. 3 Add the shrimps to the eggs and let the shrimps …


Six Steps for Simple Edition of Fried Crab

Always like to fry crabs with lotus flowers, but the price is not high and environmental services are poor. Restore this dish at home with the simplest method, everyone will, without foundation. Food Material List 1 Green crab Two 2 ginger 10 tablets 3 Soy sauce About 80g 4 Chicken essence Few Operational steps 1 …

Cold Dishes

Lemon Coconut Juice Green Mouth Twelve Flavors Reetching

Food Material List 1 mussel Operational steps 1 Stir-fry garlic, onion, spicy leaves and chilli in olive oil. 2 Pour sugar, half a glass of white wine, add coconut sauce, simmer until the shell is ripe and open. 3 Season with salt and pepper, squeeze lemon juice, and then add chili pepper for decoration. Tips

a dish that goes with liquor

Oyster oil squid

Food Material List 1 Fresh squid Half Jin 2 Green pepper onion Each small amount 3 Oyster sauce Appropriate amount 4 sugar Few 5 salt Few Operational steps 1 Fresh squid is cleaned. Boil the boiling water and pour the squids hot water out of the pot. Then pour the cold water over the reserve. …