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Night snack

Christmas tree salad

A snowfall last night made so many people happy. They all lamented that the snowfall before the end of the day came at the right time, and it was beautiful. I had to wear clothes and go downstairs to see the snowscape, but I was caught by a tree. At Christmas, I made a edible …


[Chinese cabbage fried agaric]

This dish is super simple. Lets try to make it O (_____) Food Material List 1 Chinese cabbage 2 Fungus Operational steps 1 Auricularia auricula foam (cold, warm water can be), wash, root, tear into small pieces, reserve. 2 Slice Chinese cabbage. If you are lazy, tear it with your hands. Its easy. Cut scallions …


Auricularia auricula chili shreds

I wrote a lot of stories about this dish, and finally deleted it. I think this dish is just as refreshing as it is. Too much affectation, even oneself will be awkward to see~~~ Food Material List 1 Dry agaric 50g 2 Green pepper 2 3 Garlic clove 3 Operational steps 1 Ingredients: Auricularia auricula …


Fried agaric with cabbage

Food Material List 1 Chinese cabbage 2 Fungus Operational steps 1 Chinese cabbage is sliced by hand; (This is the key step. Its much better to tear with hand than to cut with knife. Its also easy, especially suitable for me to be lazy, hey hey!) 2 Auricularia auricula softens in warm water for five …

a dish that goes with liquor

Rainbow Salad

Purple cabbage is rich in nutrients, especially with rich vitamin C, more vitamin E and vitamin B, as well as rich anthocyanin glycosides and cellulose, can resist aging, maintain skin health, lose weight, prevent colds… This rainbow salad is a purple cabbage salad, with carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, not only colorful powder, appetite, but also healthy …


Black fungus

Tasteful agaric is a good appetizer, with red, green pepper and onion, the flavor of the mix immediately makes this dish more colorful. Food Material List 1 Dry agaric 35g 2 onion Half Operational steps 1 Dry Auricularia auricula is foamed with warm water and washed with pedicels. After boiling, it is cooled and reserved. …


Corn Saint fruit salad

Food Material List 1 Cherry Tomatoes 20 2 Corn 1 roots 3 Coriander 2 trees Operational steps 1 Main materials. 2 Wash and cut the fruit in half. 3 Corn is washed and peeled, then cooked in boiling water. 4 Remove the corn and chop the coriander. 5 Add oil and vinegar in a large …


stir-fried Chinese cabbage

Food Material List 1 Chinese Cabbage 400g Operational steps 1 Place the frying pan on a high fire and pour the oil. 2 Stir-fry cabbage in a pot for 1 minute 3 Add onion, ginger, garlic, dried pepper, salt, sugar and soy sauce. 4 Stir-fry for 1-2 minutes until cabbage is soft. Tips