Roasted chicken wings with rum

Previous times, it was made on a pizza dish, not for the sake of not brushing the grill. Its too troublesome to brush the grill. But it feels more like a dish, with more moisture than roasting on the grill. Make snacks on the barbecue net more like street barbecues outside. If you like the dry and barbecue feeling, you can consider putting them on the barbecue net. Today, this is a roast fin with a curious rum flavor. In order to pretend to add to my DIY innovation process, I replaced the usual process of diluting the marinade with clean water with rum. If you think the degree of rum is high, you can add a part of the cooking wine. Since the Spring Festival last year, I have been trying my best to eliminate our baked fins. The results are quite gratifying. I guess I can finish the task in the first year. The advantage of baked fin material lies in its convenience, ease of work and good taste. It is usually difficult to match the taste at home and can be easily tasted. In addition to roasting chicken wings, there are also different ways to try. A collection in the blog found that chicken has also done more than 10 kinds, listed in the end for the chicken to control their saliva.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken middle wing 500g
  • 2 Barbecue 35g
  • 3 RUM 15g
  • 4 Cooking wine 20g

Operational steps

  • 1 After defrosting the ice in the wings, a few knives are scratched on both sides for convenience.
    Roasted chicken wings
  • 2 The choice of roast meat is rum wine, and then with rum wine to add a special flavor.
    Roasted chicken wings
  • 3 I use white rum.
    Roasted chicken wings
  • 4 Take a bigger bowl, place chicken wings in the bowl, add barbecue, and add rum. If you think the rum is too strong, you can replace it with some cooking wine. Marinate overnight with plastic wrap.
    Roasted chicken wings
  • 5 Baking paper is placed on the mat of the baking tray. The net rack is placed on the baking tray. The chicken wings are placed on the baking tray. Brush the leftovers with the chicken wings again.
    Roasted chicken wings
  • 6 Then sprinkle with honey and brush well. Put it in a 200 degree preheated oven for 30 minutes.
    Roasted chicken wings


1. The roast meat can be brushed every 5 minutes during the roasting process, and honey can be brushed again in another 5 minutes. Alternate operation.
2. If the oven has a circulating hot air, it is not necessary to turn over the chicken wings. If not, you can turn over and brush the material halfway without fear of trouble. If youre afraid of trouble, you can do it.
3. After making, the taste of wine is not particularly obvious, after all, preheating will volatilize. But the flavor still exists. This ensures no smell.

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