Scrambled Egg with Leek Yellow

Eggs are family dishes. Eggs have high nutritional value. They are also peculiar. No matter how Chinese and Western eggs are cooked, they eat differently. Today we have the simplest home-cooked dish, fried egg with leek, which is suitable for office workers and can be cooked in five minutes.

Food Material List

  • 1 Hotbed chives 300g
  • 2 Egg 2

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare ingredients: 2 eggs, 300 grams of leek yellow;
    Scrambled Egg with
  • 2 Wash and cut leek.
    Scrambled Egg with
  • 3 Hot pot, pour oil, fried eggs, seven mature pot;
    Scrambled Egg with
  • 4 Stir-fried leek;
    Scrambled Egg with
  • 5 Add eggs;
    Scrambled Egg with
  • 6 Put salt, stir-fry, and start the pan.
    Scrambled Egg with

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