Secreted Sauceless Duck Legs

In fact, this dish is learned from a real Shanghai people. I have improved it several times in the middle. It has its own style. I like to learn it from my little friends.

Food Material List

  • 1 duck leg 4
  • 2 Green Chinese onion Appropriate amount
  • 3 ginger 2 pieces
  • 4 Star anise 1
  • 5 Fructus Amomi 1
  • 6 Fennel A few
  • 7 Cooking wine 2 scoops

Operational steps

  • 1 The duck legs are dripping and the excess hair is cleaned up.
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 2 Food Material Required
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 3 Prepare a non-stick pan and fry duck leg skin over medium heat
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 4 Fry one side yellow, then the other side
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 5 Fry golden yellow on both sides. Add the ingredients in Fig. 2, stir-fry the fragrance and add the wine.
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 6 Add soy sauce, sugar, seasoning
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 7 Add a small bowl of water and simmer over medium heat. Cook until chopsticks can poke meat loose, season with salt, and get juice over high heat.
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 8 Dont take all the juice away. The excessive filters will filter out the residue stains.
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 9 Duck legs cool
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 10 The legs of the duck are sliced in the air. The knife-cutter is a little worse.
    Secreted Sauceless Duck
  • 11 Loading plate, remember to dip in that juice to eat Oh
    Secreted Sauceless Duck

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