Self-made fried dough sticks

Buying fried dough sticks outside is always not reassuring, in order to like the family to fry dough sticks themselves.

Food Material List

  • 1 flour 250g
  • 2 Angel Oil Strip Bulking Agent 10g
  • 3 Corn oil (salad oil) 25g
  • 4 salt 3G
  • 5 sugar 1g
  • 6 Soya bean oil 300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Firstly, mix 10 grams of Angel Aluminum-Free Bar Bulking Agent with flour 250g, salt 3g, sugar 1g, proper water and 25 grams of corn oil until the gluten is fully formed and soft dough is formed; relax for 15 minutes, put dough in both hands, and try dough repeatedly until smooth (hammer dough with fist); put the cover of the basin fresh-keeping film in the refrigerator freezer overnight.
    Self-made fried dough
  • 2 The next morning, the fermented dough cake was rolled into a rectangular shape, 10 cm wide, cut as long as possible, about 3 cm apart, and cut into 10 X3 cm flat strips. The two pieces of dough were folded together and pressed in the middle for use.
    Self-made fried dough
  • 3 Add soybean oil to the pan and heat it until about 80% to medium heat. Draw the dough into the pan and take it out when the fried dough sticks are golden and mature. (Multi-purpose chopsticks turn over several times, heating uniformly, one time can successively cook 5 roots)
    Self-made fried dough

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