Self-made recipe of beef, apricot, abalone and mushroom fried and vegetable fried~

In the morning, if you want to eat, you can turn out the recipes you made before and send them out. During this period, you have been working under a lot of pressure. Every day, the computer skin is getting worse and worse, eating irregularly, not to mention feeling that brain cells are gone… It can only be said that its really hard to design… Overtime is not paid, so I resigned decisively… Now its good to have a lot of rest and make up for something delicious. Its really nice.

Food Material List

  • 1 Wheat flour 300g
  • 2 ground beef 250g
  • 3 Pleurotus eryngii Two
  • 4 yeast 4G
  • 5 water Appropriate amount
  • 6 Sugar 15g
  • 7 Olive oil 15ml
  • 8 salt Few
  • 9 salt
  • 10 soy sauce
  • 11 Scallion and Ginger Water Appropriate amount
  • 12 Pepper
  • 13 Zanthoxylum oil
  • 14 egg white 1

Operational steps

  • 1 Mix flour, salt, sugar and olive oil evenly, mix yeast with warm water, pour it into flour and cover it with a smooth wet dough cloth and ferment for an hour and a half. I put it anywhere without any intention of finding any warm place or anything.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 2 Explain how to use onion and ginger water to soak in the picture.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 3 After mixing and stirring the minced meat with those ingredients, add scallion and ginger water to absorb water, then add water to the minced almond and abalone mushroom, mix evenly and knife work.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 4 If the dough can poke a hole like this, it will be ready.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 5 When the dough is exhausted, it is kneaded into a mixture of the same size.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 6 Roll the skin and fill in the stuffing. Okay, Ill fill in a lot of stuffing. Meat-loving cant hurt you!
    Self-made recipe of
  • 7 When making small steamed buns, tighten the mouth.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 8 It can also be made into sunflower Aha-ha-ha-innovative, which is stuffed with vegetable, stir-fried eggs made of abalone mushroom and black fungus with diced abalone mushroom and black fungus, evenly mixed with pepper, salt, soy sauce, sugar and olive oil, which is stuffed with vegetable.
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  • 9 In a pan, fry the bottom with a little oil, close it and fry it down to golden yellow, then add water just to bury it, add black sesame and onion… Then the lid is covered and the juice is collected over a small fire. This picture is taken with half of the water.
    Self-made recipe of
  • 10 The bottom is golden and tastes great
    Self-made recipe of

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