Sliced beef with reduced fat and muscle

It was found that the two concepts of losing weight and losing fat and increasing muscle are completely different. To be healthy or not to be on a diet, we need to convert fat into muscle through exercise. So after exercise, we need to supplement protein in time. This beef shredded can be eaten directly or roasted to make it easier to preserve as snacks depending on personal preferences.

Food Material List

  • 1 Lean beef Half Jin
  • 2 Old soy sauce One scoop
  • 3 Honey One scoop
  • 4 salt A handful
  • 5 Seafood soy sauce Two scoops
  • 6 Olive oil 3-4 drops

Operational steps

  • 1 Beef detergent liquor soaked for a few minutes to remove fishy smell
    Sliced beef with
  • 2 Add water
    about two centimeters without beef to the rice cooker and cook for 40 minutes, then shredded.
    Sliced beef with
  • 3 Seafood soy sauce old salt honey olive oil
    Sliced beef with
  • 4 Mix beef shredded with soup until its ready to eat.
    Sliced beef with
  • 5 If I cant finish eating more than once, I would like to roast it for a long time. I think it tastes better and can be used as a snack to eat meat shredded flat on the grill plate. I sprinkled some sesame seeds on the grill plate at 190 degrees and about 15 to 20 degrees. I like to roast it for a long time.
    Sliced beef with
  • 6 Finished products should be as little oil and salt as possible, without adding any burden to the body.
    Sliced beef with

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