Soviet smoked fish

Soviet-style smoked fish, a genuine traditional dish in Jiangnan, is a traditional cold dish in Jiangnan. It is made by hand with various natural spices, fried first and then simmered. Smoked fish, the taste is sweet, sweet as Wu Nong soft language, sweet, but also with salty, salty with fresh. It can be used for cold spelling or soup flavoring. Its appearance is amber, its taste is mellow, its entrance is soft and compact, and its fragrance is crisp and sweet. Children prefer sweets more than adults, regardless of nationality and educational background. People who regularly eat sweets may reach a level of dessert fanaticism that looks like addiction. Scientists explain this phenomenon by saying that sweetness is the first taste to be accepted and sought after after human being is born, and breast milk is sweet, so sweet eating is an instinctive response. People prefer to eat sweets when they are depressed, especially girls. It is common to eat ice cream and chocolate when they are in love. Sweet food can also make the blood acidic, not conducive to blood circulation, and weaken the defensive function of the immune system, eating sweets is the most worrying point is obesity. It is healthy to eat sweets in moderation.

Food Material List

  • 1 Tilapia mossambica One (600g)
  • 2 Shallot 2 roots
  • 3 ginger 1 piece
  • 4 Big batch 4
  • 5 Chinese cinnamon 1 roots
  • 6 Fructus Amomi 1
  • 7 Fragrant leaf Two tablets
  • 8 fennel 5g

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut the fish into pieces and marinate for 2 hours with onion, ginger, rice wine and fine salt.
    Soviet smoked fish
  • 2 When the oil is heated to medium heat, fry the fish and remove the slightly yellow surface. When the oil in the pan is burned to smoke, fry the fish again until it is golden and crisp.
    Soviet smoked fish
  • 3 Leave a little oil in the pan. Stir in scallions, ginger, spices, cinnamon, fennel, straw fruits and fragrant leaves.
    Soviet smoked fish
  • 4 Then pour all the marinated fish ingredients, add proper salt, sugar and water, and then put in the fish. After the big fire is boiled, the small fire is stewed for about 30 minutes, and the soup is almost ready to be collected. It tastes better after refrigeration.
    Soviet smoked fish


This dish can be prepared according to its own taste.

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