Steamed Luffa with Golden and Silver Garlic Vermicelli

Luffa itself is light and light, adding fried garlic and steaming in the oven, as if to Luffa itself in the small freshness brought a witty. No matter how quiet a girl next door is, she will have a time to be active and witty. Steamed Luffa water is very sweet, the following fans just sucked this water away, and then into their stomach, there is no waste. Many people say: What else can the rice cooker do? Just cook a meal. That day, after eating this dish, my friend touched his belly and asked, “How can I do this?” As I tidied up, I said, “Steam it in a rice cooker at will!” “Oh, really, the rice cooker can cook. How good is it? Its like a restaurant dish!” I just finished talking about how to cook. She cant wait to shout, “Im going to show my hand at home. Dont talk nonsense about barabara……………………………………………. (Well, is this a bridge pulling?

Food Material List

  • 1 Towel gourd One root
  • 2 Garlic One
  • 3 Fruit of Chinese wolfberry Ten grains
  • 4 Fans Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Put the loofah peeled (it is better to choose the size of the head and tail more uniform loofah), smash garlic, soft vermicelli bubble
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 2 Heat the rice cooker, pour in a little oil, pour in half of the garlic, stir-fry until golden yellow, then pour in the other half of the garlic, stir-fry slightly, and sprinkle with a little salt.
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 3 Install the garlic into gold, silver and garlic and set aside.
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 4 Cut the growth section of Luffa with a slant knife and use a spoon to dig out a few melon sacs. The sacs need not be discarded and steamed directly in a dish.
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 5 Every pier is filled with a little shredded vermicelli, a proper amount of golden and silver garlic, and the remaining vermicelli are placed around the luffa.
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 6 Slightly sprinkle a little salt on the loofah
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 7 Put in wolfberry to decorate
    Steamed Luffa with
  • 8 Electric cooker boiled water, put in luffa, steamed for about 8 minutes, if you pay attention to a little wobble, you can take another dish and re-wobble it.
    Steamed Luffa with


In golden and silver garlic, the latter half of the garlic can be fried without stir-frying. Its also good to mix the fried garlic directly with the raw garlic. It tastes a little choking, and the fried garlic will taste much better if its stir-fried.
2. If the Luffa pier is short, the time can be shortened. Dont steam it too long. After steaming time, the Luffa will wilt down.
Although its a simple steamed vegetable, carelessness can lead to failure, so remember to give it a little thought.

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