Steamed scallop with garlic vermicelli

Wander around the idle vegetable market… Aimless. Look at all kinds of fish, vegetables and meat. No appetite… A glance across the seafood stall. Its bright in front of you. The fat scallops immediately aroused my appetite… Buy it… Go home and do it… Not enough to eat…

Food Material List

  • 1 Fresh scallop 5 only
  • 2 Fans 1 bundle

Operational steps

  • 1 OK Here we go… The scallop shell is brushed clean. Use a metal spoon to go deep into the shallow side of the scallop shell along the cracks in the scallop. Remove the scallop meat from the deep side in order to put more ingredients and retain more soup… Remove the dirty part of the scallop and clean it for later use.
    Steamed scallop with
  • 2 The key is coming. Garlic Material: Chop the garlic, take half of the amount to make fried garlic, that is, golden garlic. After the pot is heated, add a little more salad oil and fry garlic in a small fire, it must be a small fire or garlic will paste. When garlic slowly turns yellowish, leave the fire immediately… Remove the garlic and mix it with the other half of the raw garlic. Pour in the fried garlic oil, chopped green and red peppers, and a little salt. Mix well.
    Steamed scallop with
  • 3 The vermicelli are soaked in hot water, softened and chopped into scallop shells. Then put washed scallop meat on top and garlic mixture on top.
    Steamed scallop with
  • 4 Put some water in the steaming pot and put scallops in after boiling. Steam over high heat for 5 minutes.
    Steamed scallop with
  • 5 Remove scallops and sprinkle shallots on the platter. Heat a little salad oil and pour it on. Finally put a little steamed fish sauce oil on the table. Live together!
    Steamed scallop with


Steaming time should not be too long, otherwise the meat will be hard and tasty. If fried garlic hasnt been done well by itself, it tastes good to cook garlic directly. Too much seasoning is superfluous for such delicious ingredients. A little salt and a little soybean oil are enough

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