Steamed spareribs with garlic

With the growth of age, more and more attention is paid to the reasonable and healthy diet, fried, fried, stewed, steamed, boiled, cold, I tend to steamed, boiled and cold. This garlic steamed pork ribs has a unique flavor and good nutrition. Since childhood alone can not accept the flavor of coriander, so seldom buy. If one day I send out a delicious dish decorated with coriander, it must be my guest!

Food Material List

  • 1 Rib row Appropriate amount
  • 2 fresh mushroom Six (more or less)
  • 3 minced garlic Dodo (I used a whole garlic)
  • 4 ginger A small slice (chopped ginger roses, too)

Operational steps

  • 1 Chop ribs into pieces of similar size, soak in warm water for half an hour, rinse and drain fresh mushrooms, wash and slice them for later use.
    Steamed spareribs with
  • 2 Use cooking wine to smoke old, oil-consuming sugar, pepper, pepper, garlic, ginger slices or ginger paste (you can cut some dry red pepper if you like hot taste, baby has had acne recently, so this time I made a light mouth) and marinate well for half an hour (stirring several times during the period can be more delicious).
    Steamed spareribs with
  • 3 Place a slice of mushrooms on a plate, place the cured ribs on the slices of mushrooms, and pour the pieces of garlic, ginger and garlic on the ribs.
    Steamed spareribs with
  • 4 Steam pot boiled water, water boiled steamed steamed pork ribs (water boiled steamed food can remove most of the chlorine gas in the water), the fire about four or five centimeters with toothpicks, can easily poke the pork ribs, it means that the pork is ripe, if the poke does not move, it will extend the time, so the water in the steamer should be sufficient at the beginning.
    Steamed spareribs with
  • 5 Take out the plate and start it. ~ (If you want to be beautiful, squeeze out the brine on the plate and sprinkle some coriander segments.)
    Steamed spareribs with

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