Stir-fried balsam pear

I used to like fried eggs with balsam pear, but suddenly one day I saw a message saying: The old Chinese medicine warned everyone not to mix the two together! I dare not eat like that. I can only stir-fry vegetarian food, so there will be no problem.

Food Material List

  • 1 Balsam pear 1 roots
  • 2 Red pepper 1
  • 3 Garlic 1 pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Balsam pear is divided into four.
    Stir-fried balsam pear
  • 2 Slice with a knife obliquely.
    Stir-fried balsam pear
  • 3 Boil water in the pot, put a little salt in the water, pour balsam pear into it, discolor it and fish it out.
    Stir-fried balsam pear
  • 4 Cut the peppers into triangles and pat the garlic.
    Stir-fried balsam pear
  • 5 Oil in the pan, first pepper, salt, stir-fry for a moment, then add balsam pear, a little water to braise for a while.
    Stir-fried balsam pear

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