Stir-fried banana flower (banana flower)

Having lived in the mountains for several years, there is a shortage of food, and the mountain people have learned to use local materials. Each banana blossoms only one flower, and when a petal falls, a bunch of bananas grows. After about seven to ten bunches, no more bananas are produced, and the flowers continue to grow. Then the banana growers will cut the banana flowers into the kitchen.

Food Material List

  • 1 Banana blossom One flower

Operational steps

  • 1 A flower
    Stir-fried banana flower
  • 2 Exfoliated hard petals
    Stir-fried banana flower
  • 3 Shredding of tender petals
    Stir-fried banana flower
  • 4 Put it with the flower core
    Stir-fried banana flower
  • 5 Boiling water
    Stir-fried banana flower
  • 6 After boiling, mix with salt and squeeze out the water. Rinse with cold water, then squeeze dry. Stir-fry in a pan. The details of stir-frying are not mentioned, just like other dishes. Seasoning is very flexible in fact, you can put whatever you like. I put in a little yellow pepper sauce and white pepper. No more salt and other seasonings. Complete mountain game.
    Stir-fried banana flower


The petals should be white and tender, red and purple astringent, and the cores should be one inch long. They are too old and astringent to eat.

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