Style Guess Big Party-Pumpkin Coconut Bread

Pumpkin, warm and sweet, liver-qi, tonifying the middle and benefiting the Qi, bread made with pumpkin, the golden color, will always make people appetite doubled, if some coconut matches, coconut silk fragrance and cucumber sweet in the mouth, that delicious (here omitted 200 words) careless, bread basket has been empty. ?

Food Material List

  • 1 High powder 250g
  • 2 Berry sugar 20g
  • 3 salt 3G
  • 4 Whole egg juice 30g
  • 5 yeast 6g
  • 6 Salt-free butter softened at room temperature 40g
  • 7 Powdered Milk 15g
  • 8 Steamed pumpkin slices 160g?

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut the pumpkin into thin slices and steam in the drawer to cool it.
    Style Guess Big
  • 2 Mix all ingredients except butter and knead until gluten extends.
    Style Guess Big
  • 3 Add butter and knead until complete
    Style Guess Big
  • 4 Fermentation at about 50 degrees for 40 minutes to double
    Style Guess Big
  • 5 After exhausting the dough, divide it into about 60g dough and rest the wake-up noodles for 15 minutes.
    Style Guess Big
  • 6 Mix 50g sugar powder with 10g salt-free butter softened at room temperature, then add 15g milk powder to mix evenly, then add 50g whole egg to mix evenly, and finally add coconut and mix evenly.
    Style Guess Big
  • 7 Modeling 1
    Style Guess Big
  • 8 Modeling 2
    Style Guess Big
  • 9 Modeling 3
    Style Guess Big
  • 10 Make a good shape of bread about 50 degrees fermentation for 25 minutes, oven preheating 180 degrees baking for 18 minutes?

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