Sugar and vinegar steak with less oil

Broken intestines, the horizon remains as the clouds of the water. Dry lotus heron, distant arboreal crow. Lost leaves crowded with stones, repairing bamboo Shanshan sweeping window screens. Near dusk, sad rootstock, complain into pipa. When Yuan Baipu was empty, he took time to read Baipus words. This discovers that some of the sentences he once liked originated from his writings. Originally, the person Im so willing to get to the bottom of the matter has fallen to the point of not tracing its origin. So the reality gives me the feedback that Im falling back. I saw a very popular film and a novel of the same name, but I didnt intend to compare it. Its like a person passing two different clothes in succession. Theyre all good looking. You cant tell which one is more suitable. But the characters that used to be liked dont look so painful, but the characters that were ignored in the past seem to add some luster. I have always felt that the stories of a particular period need to be understood by those who have experienced that period. Just like people who have eaten in a big canteen, they can have emotions when they eat big pot meals. On a radio show once, I praised a dish in a restaurant that was so deep in my heart because it tasted so much like my mothers when she was a child. The host brother was very puzzled and asked me if you really praised that dish. The host sister seems to understand, saying that this is a small elegant memory in it. Only then did I realize the subjectivity of my thoughts. From then on, it is more clear why many food reviewers say that when many people are eating, they are not eating taste, but a kind of humanism. However, on second thought, taste is not an integral part of humanity, and humanity is also the embodiment of taste. The ability to discover emotions in taste also indirectly indicates the success of taste. A Yan went through many twists and turns last month. When I got the news, the dust settled down. We all say its a good thing. We found out earlier that there were fewer aftermath problems. And Ayan herself said that she was blessed by misfortune because her brother-in-law began to cook during the rest of her life. A group of us ate and killed Ayans house for food. The dishes were empty and swept across. I looked at Ayans obviously rounded face, and even said that they were delicious, without looking in the mirror, I knew that I was flattering with a smile on my face. When I left, I took the bread made by Ayan. I deeply felt that it was the pleasure of rubbing rice. When I read the manuscript, I saw some pictures taken by myself at a certain time and thought it was time to write something to eat. Life is a little unchanged. Fortunately, the pleasure of delicious food will never be aesthetic fatigue.

Food Material List

  • 1 Spareribs 500g

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut scallions into small pieces, garlic into small pieces and ginger into slices.
    Sugar and vinegar
  • 2 The spareribs are soaked in clear water for at least 1 hour. The blood is fully removed and then boiled in boiling water until the epidermis becomes discolored.
    Sugar and vinegar
  • 3 Take a soup pot, stir-fried spareribs, onions, ginger and garlic into the pot together, inject the water without spareribs, add raw, old and yellow rice wine, boil over high heat, turn to low heat, boil for 30 minutes.
    Sugar and vinegar
  • 4 When there is some soup, put everything in the soup pot into the frying pan, heat it over high heat, add ice sugar, salt, vinegar and tomato sauce, quickly stir-fry and collect the juice, and sprinkle the pot money with some shallots.
    Sugar and vinegar


1. This is an oil-free version of sweet and sour pork ribs. The traditional cooking method of frying is replaced by boiling directly. Because the ribs themselves contain a lot of oil, in this way, even if no oil is put, you will still see how much oil the ribs “produced” are.
2. At the end of the juice harvest, adding vinegar and sugar will make the sweet and sour flavor more prominent; I like the strong vinegar flavor, so the old vinegar is used, but also can be replaced by vinegar or rice vinegar.
3. Tomato sauce is a little bit of color, if there is no hand at that time can be omitted.

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