Super Simple Beef Ball Soup

I am not a cook, but I think this soup is really super simple, nutritious and delicious! Not very good at cooking can try!

Food Material List

  • 1 ground beef 250g
  • 2 Coriander 22
  • 3 Egg One

Operational steps

  • 1 Get the material ready
    Super Simple Beef
  • 2 Divide the coriander into two parts, one part is foamed, the other part is cut short.
    Super Simple Beef
  • 3 Pour the eggs, parsley foam, onion and ginger, salt, thirteen fragrances, flavor, oyster sauce, soy sauce on the beef filling and stir well with chopsticks.
    Super Simple Beef
  • 4 Finally add some salad oil to the filling and mix well again.
    Super Simple Beef
  • 5 Then the pot boiled water and pellets were served when there were bubbles near the pot.
    Super Simple Beef
  • 6 Use a small spoon to dig the meat filling in your hand, and then pellet it into a ball and you can cook it.
    Super Simple Beef
  • 7 When the water comes, the pills cook, add some salt and flavor to the soup.
    Super Simple Beef
  • 8 Put the cut coriander in the pot for ten seconds and turn off the fire.
    Super Simple Beef


When boiling water in the pot, the pills should be laid when the water is fast boiling. If the pills are laid too early, they will be washed away when the water boils. Because of the addition of eggs, there will be a layer of foam in the soup, which is produced when the protein is heated. If there is too much foam, the fire can be reduced, so that the foam will go down a little.

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