Thai Phoenix claws

Every time a guest comes to the house, he will cook this dish. The most feedback he gets is that it tastes better than the restaurant outside. I cant help but be delighted! In fact, this dish seems very spicy, not spicy at all, sour, sweet and sour slightly spicy! Very refreshing, good things should be shared with you:) Welcome to my tweet wxyunsh to communicate with me

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken feet 1 jin
  • 2 lemon 1 only
  • 3 Fish sauce Appropriate amount
  • 4 Scallion Few
  • 5 Cooking wine Few
  • 6 Ginger slices Few
  • 7 Li Jinji Thai Sweet and Spicy Sauce Two thirds of bottles

Operational steps

  • 1 Fengzhao, cut off toes, all 2, put water in pot m, cooking wine, scallion and ginger, cook over medium heat for four or five centimeters.
    Thai Phoenix claws
  • 2 Boiled chicken claws, wash them, soak them in cold boiled water (preferably ice water) and put them in the refrigerator overnight, so that they will be crisp, and make white chopped chicken a truth.
    Thai Phoenix claws
  • 3 This is the chicken feet soaked the next morning, dried, spare.
    Thai Phoenix claws
  • 4 After the lemon is washed, all two, squeeze out the juice.
    Thai Phoenix claws
  • 5 This is squeezed lemon juice.
    Thai Phoenix claws
  • 6 Add fish sauce, lemon juice, 2/3 bottle of Thai sweet chili sauce, mix well, refrigerate for more than 2 hours, stirring midway.
    Thai Phoenix claws


1. Generally, I cooked it the night before, refrigerated it for one night, got up the next morning and mixed it, then I could eat it at home in the evening. 2. Fish sauce can not be replaced by other raw soy sauce. There is also sweet and spicy sauce to be willing to put oh, the taste is delicious oh!

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