The Simplest in History: Pan-fried Potato Chips^^

My husband calls it “childrens potato chips”. I learned it from my husband, and it is well received among relatives and friends. Ha-ha

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato Two
  • 2 Chili pepper One root for each
  • 3 Chopped green onion Few

Operational steps

  • 1 Peel and slice potatoes. Cut the chillies and scallions in reserve. There is no garlic at home. I cut some ginger powder.
    The Simplest in
  • 2 Make a mask for the pot! One piece sticks well, remember not too thick, or not stick up. After pasting, fire and pour oil. Fried over medium heat
    The Simplest in
  • 3 The potatoes in the middle are fried and shaken to the right and left.
    The Simplest in
  • 4 Keep shaking and pause one by one.
    The Simplest in
  • 5 Sprinkle salt and chicken essence. Why now? Because potatoes are spread evenly, or they will be tasteless and salty.
    The Simplest in
  • 6 Okay! Stir-fry hot peppers over high heat! Be slightly lighter to avoid crushing
    The Simplest in
  • 7 Dish and sprinkle onions. OK! Complete. This dish is characterised by burning yellow on one side and tender on the other. Fragrant and fragrant^^
    The Simplest in

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